two months...

...since the last blog post. And just as long since the last POTW. Oh well, life shall continue. And perhaps I will start blogging more often again.

Plenty has happened since July 18, which is probably why I haven't blogged. Let's do a quick run-down, roughly in sequential order:

  • Accepted a position with the Glocal Ministries Pastor at my home church

  • Resigned from the Youth Pastor job

  • Moved home to save rent money for the next year, in anticipation of...

  • Buying a ring, so I could...

  • Get engaged. On the beach. It was amazing.

  • Somewhere in the midst of that, I become Campus Minister for Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the University of Richmond.

  • Started seminary year 2.

  • I've read a lot, seen a lot and done a lot. My hope is to revisit the past two months and catch up on the blog. Hope and reality may be far apart.

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