I didn't have to be as stealthy as Marko to get an early copy of "Remedy," I just had to know the right person, and he loaned it to me. Crowder has always had a way with worship, and "Remedy" is no different.

"Remedy" begins with "The Glory Of It All," a simple, yet powerful song that draws in the complete power and glory of God, from Creation to the end of time, and drawing on the whole Gospel story. It sets the stage for an experience of awe in worship that is incredibly powerful.

The rest of the CD? It continues on, almost as its own, complete worship experience. I'm ready to put a video background behind it with moving images, highlighting certain words (a la iWorship) and using it as a worship service sometime.

"...neverending..." features the hottest piece of Crowder's summer tour, the now-famous use of the Guitar Hero guitar. Who turns something so simple (it only has three chords) into something so powerful? Well, other than Crowder... [side note: google "david crowder guitar hero" for a wide selection of YouTube/Google videos]

As usual, DC*B has innovated their use of music, they bring diverse styles to this album and yet remain so simple. The words are powerful, but not complex. They draw the listener in and share a hope for so much more.

On a personal note, this has been a really long week. When my friend handed me the CD Tuesday, he said, "I think you might need this more than I do right now." It has been on repeat ever since. At some point, I usually get tired of listening to the CD in the same order, so I'll let it shuffle. This one I have made sure to leave going in order. The song progression will lead you into a time of worship, and is quite remarkable. And now I'll echo Marko's sentiments:

"ok, i’m gushing, i realize. for me, this is why god invented music. sorry you have to wait a [week]. pre-order, i tell you."

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