Earth to Pat Robertson.

Did he really just say we should go ahead and assasinate President Chavez if we're already planning on it? What an idiot!!! And I say that in the most loving, caring way possible. Somebody needs to yank the plug from his TV show--probably from most Christian TV. Speaking of being more loving...sweet new FCA t-shirts: "Love God, Love Others. Worry about the rest later."

And now back to Pat Robertson. I really don't understand some of these Christian leaders--well, most of them actually. Spending a lot of the summer in Jamaica, we got asked questions about American culture, what it's really like, what people are like. One kid, who has done a lot of studying on world politics, international affairs, even loves American history, talked to me about how Americans push the poor down and are so selfish. He asked me questions about Bush and his policies. What they see in the media from our leaders is what they think all of us are like. It's scary. Scary too is how non-Christians and former Christians see Christian leaders in the media and think we're all like that. EARTH TO THE WORLD--WE'RE NOT ALL TRYING TO ASSASINATE PRESIDENT CHAVEZ!!!!! Jesus told us we'd be persecuted for following Him--did He mean we were gonna get persecuted cause somebody opened their big mouth and said something stupid to piss off the world?

It's been a long day and it's late, I'm done.