We spent a good three days with Tony Campolo in town last week. He had a lot of great ideas to share, and was incredibly down to earth. The first night he spoke on Becoming Red-Letter Christians. He gave a similar talk at the Youth Specialties' conference in the fall, but added a bit of Baptist jargon to this one. Second night he spoke on consumerism in America and its relation to true Christianity. I was on the worship team that led music for that worship service, and I had a chance to talk to Tony afterwards. The third day he spoke on the God of Love, as opposed to a god of power. Plenty to think about after the conference.

Later in the week I picked up a copy of his new book, Everybody Wants to CHANGE THE WORLD: Practical Ideas for Social Justice. This is a great collection of ideas and places for individuals and groups to get involved in changing our world. I can't wait to have an opportunity to put some of these ideas into action with the students. A good, quick read and an inspiration!


College-Age Ministry

Just as we were starting our college-age ministry a few months ago, I had a pastor ask me why we had chosen Tuesday night. "Why not Friday night," he asked, "because that's the night they always hang out anyway?"

Maybe that explains why churches aren't doing well with post-grad ministries after students leave the youth ministry. One ministry while I was in college originally met on Friday nights, but moved their meetings because students always had something going on Friday night, and they had a progressively lower attendance.

When will they get it?