iPod first 15.

from Kurt.
The task: shuffle your iPod and list off the first 15 songs. Completely random and a lot of fun!

1.] The Birthday Song: Paul Colman Trio
2.] She Will Be Loved: Maroon 5
3.] Close My Eyes: Matisyahu
4.] Rock the Boat: Kinnie Starr [what the heck? random iTunes freebies I guess...never heard this one before!]
5.] Susie, Don't Be Blue: Evan Marshall [MySpace | iTunes]
6.] Student Driver: Stellar Kart
7.] Dancing Queen: A-Teens
8.] Names Sake: Shane & Shane
9.] Empty Me: Jeremy Camp
10.] Feel: Silers Bald
11.] The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg: Iron Maiden [again, who?]
12.] King of New Orleans: Better Than Ezra
13.] My Neighborhood: Verbs
14.] The Remedy: Jason Mraz [random fact: a couple of my students were in the school choir at Jason's former high school and sang on his album in '06]
15.] Creation: WFU Minor Variation [my buddy Mike recorded their album in '06



I've posted video projects I have worked on in the past few years, and tonight added what was probably my favorite. For a digital media project during my senior year at UR, I pulled together footage for this project. The basis was footage from a CBS correspondent embedded with Karl's unit in Iraq. When Karl was killed, he was there for the memorial service. Karl was a good friend, and a great guy. And according to his father, he loved the work he was doing for our country.

It's here


Looking back.

I just stumbled across my original blog. Apparently there is no easy way to move posts from an old blog to a new one, but I have moved them over one by one. And they're here, but burried deep within. Look for 11 posts from February - August 2005, or the "original blog" tag.

It's intriguing being able to look back, and exciting to see things that have changed. For one, I mentioned Jerry Falwell numerous times -- and now he's no longer with us. I'll try to revisit some of those old posts from time to time.



It is not very often that I preach at church. Generally, the pastor is there on Sundays. If he's not, either I will fill in, or we'll call one of our friends to come preach. In just under 2 years, I've preached 4 times, this coming Sunday being #4.

Last April, I preached on Youth Sunday. Sometime in the week just before that Sunday, a member of our church passed away. This is not a huge surprise, as many in our congregation are past retirement and are nearer to the end of life. In August, the pastor and his family were on vacation before their oldest son started college. Just days before he left, as I was preparing to preach on Sunday, another member of our church passed away. Twice seemed a bit strange.

Last weekend, the pastor and his wife left for a week vacation to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. I preached last Sunday, and am getting ready to preach again this Sunday. This morning, I found out another member of our congregation passed away.

After Sunday, I doubt they will ever want me to preach again. I'm not superstitious, but this is just strange.