nywc: charlotte #4

Gordon wrote on his blog earlier today about the lack of true worship during General Sessions at the NYWC. I can't agree with him more. It's ironic to listen to Dan Kimball discuss how we introduce times of music during worship services at our church as, "Let's stand and join in worship" while that exact thing happens at the NYWC. At some point, some time, we're going to have to start making changes to how we think, how we act, how we talk. And we can't just talk about making these changes, at some point we have to start doing. Enough ranting, I think. The reflective worship based on the Celtic tradition was amazing this morning, and I hope Shane + Shane can continue a spirit of genuineness in their worship leadership tomorrow and Monday.

Speaking of being genuine -- Mike and the guys from Big Daddy Weave joined us tonight and played a couple songs. The joy radiating from their faces was amazing. It caused me to become more excited about being in that concert because of their energy. They truly seemed to be enjoying themselves, having fun making music. I hope that as I lead in worship, I will radiate that joy, drawing others to desire to enter into that place of worship with me. It's not about the music style. It's not about the volume. It's not about people looking to us to solve all their problems. As Chris Hill spoke tonight, we're not the light -- we're just pointing other people, and our students, in particular, to where the light is.

Tomorrow: day 3. G'night.

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