nywc: charlotte. 1.1

I've really been missing out on the downtown life. There's something about the energy in the city that sucks me in. It's great!

Welcome to Charlotte, home of this year's 4th and final NYWC. Hopefully I'll be blogging throughout the weekend--or at least posting recaps after it's all over. And I've got a new camera I'll be playing with, so hopefully I'll get some pictures up too.

I had noticed on Marko's blog last week that Gordon was going to be coming in from Scotland for the NYWC. Well I'm on this strange kick now that I wake up at 7:13 in the morning, no matter what. So I gathered up my laptop, a new book I'm reading and headed down to the lobby. While I'm sitting there a guy walks up and I helped him out with getting connected to the wireless network, and his name was Gordon--only I didn't realize until I looked at Marko's blog after he left that it was THE Gordon. So Gordon, if you're out there reading this, welcome to the Southeast! It's good to have the whole world represented in the conversations this weekend.

More on Day 1 later...

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