nywc: charlotte #2

Day 1 is over. It was interesting. I'm still processing, so I'll leave it at that. I'm pretty impressed with the speakers and presenters -- Kenda Creasy-Dean, Tony Campolo and Dan Kimball -- but the music and acts have been just alright.

Good time at Uno's tonight. First was dinner with some YMs from Virginia Baptist churches, a bunch of whom are good friends I don't see too often, and then a late-night dessert run back to Uno's with two United Methodist YMs from Richmond. I had to get my ecumenism in today.

I've got notes from the sessions that I'll get up in the morning, plus thoughts from the day's sessions. Time for sleep before Day 2...but first, a few pictures. Worship with Starfield (left) and Tony Campolo (right).

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