wednesday catch-up.

If you can't make a Monday Rundown, at least make it in time for a Wednesday Catch-up.

Looking back, it is fairly evident that certain periods of life can be defined as a season: of joy, of waiting, of change. Well, the past 6 months or so have been all of those. The seasons of joy and change are continuing, which is great -- I would not want it any other way. But now, the season of waiting is over. As of Sunday morning, I have a new job at a great church with people I really respect, and I am excited to be working with them.

The rubber has been hitting the road this week here at Gayton, and I'm excited about what lies ahead. My office is "blah" right now with a lot of bare space on the walls. I'm sure it will be full pretty soon.

And most importantly, I am now (again) legitimately rvaYM