monday, monday, monday.

Well, it's Tuesday. But Monday was a holiday, so Tuesday is the Monday.

the weekend that was: A long drive to Charlotte, obnoxious phone calls, a tough Hokie loss, a night in Wilmington and a tour of EUE/Screen Gem Studio on Sunday.

where i am at the moment: rVA, but just until Friday. Again.

on my to-do list this week: Will I find a job this week? I can only hope so. Hopefully I'll be reading and writing some this week. This would be the fun reading and writing, since classes start next week.

procrastinating about: And I still can't get motivated too much to read or write.

books i’m in the midst of: Eat This Book (Eugene Peterson), Thunderstruck (Erik Larson) and A Comedian's Guide to Theology (Thor Ramsey).

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: Kind of the opposite. We made nearly the entire drive from Wilmington back to RIC without the radio or iPods. It was kind of nice.

next trip: After last weekend's abysmal ending to the Hokies/ECU game, I can only hope they step it up for Furman this weekend. We'll be spending the weekend in Roanoke, which will be our first visit since the wedding. Hard to believe. And the Spiders, coming off a solid win at Elon last week, moved up to #3 in the nation heading into Saturday's matchup at UVA.

how i’m feeling about this week: Eh. Starting the week with two flat tires is never good. The anticipation of school, albeit something to add to my calendar, is kind of depressing. And the lack of job is wearing thin.

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