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The David Crowder Band has a way with music and worship, a fusion of passionate energy, creative talent and an ever-apparent love for their God. Their work in the Remedy Club Tour Edition CD/DVD is no different.

After the Fall 2007 release of their latest album, Remedy, DC*B hit the road to some of America’s best-known clubs. In the DVD’s bonus material, David Crowder says the band believes God is at work all the time, everywhere, so why not bring people to a worship experience where they might least expect it?

The CD/DVD begins with “Trying To Make you Sing” and "The Glory Of It All," a simple, yet powerful song that draws in the complete power and glory of God, from Creation to the end of time, and drawing on the whole Gospel story. It sets the stage for an experience of awe in worship that is incredibly powerful.

The rest of the CD? It continues on, almost as its own, complete worship experience. The band breaks for Crowder to explain bwack’s (DC*B drummer) technical prowess, including the radical transformation of a Guitar Hero controller into a stand-alone musical instrument. (His latest project built a sampler for the rock band Family Force 5).

Late in the show, Crowder explains the dual-purpose of the show. The evening was not pure entertainment for some faithful followers, but an opportunity to give back to the communities where each show took place. DC*B invited attendees to bring socks and towels to be donated to homeless shelters in each city. In one city, the patrons of the shelter came to pick up the goods and shed tears at the overwhelming generosity.

As usual, DC*B has innovated their use of music, they bring diverse styles to this album and yet remain so simple. The words are powerful, but not complex. They draw the listener in and share a hope for so much more. If you missed the tour, you can host your own concert experience. And while you’re at it, don’t let it be pure entertainment: find a shelter in your town that could use some socks and towels.

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