the weekend that was: A rainy day in Charleston, SC, and a long, long drive back to VA. And a nice Sunday evening watching the Spider soccer team beat JMU.

where i am at the moment: rVA, but just until Friday.

on my to-do list this week: Find a job? Maybe.

procrastinating about: Reading more. I have all sorts of free time and a nice pile of books. Still can't get motivated too much.

book i’m in the midst of: This Way to Youth Ministry by Duffy Robbins. Still reading. It is 550+ pages, so I can't get too down on myself. Also on the to-read list: Eat This Book (Eugene Peterson) and Thunderstruck (Erik Larson).

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: Coldplay. I'm always a step behind on the latest music, but the title track from "Viva La Vida" caught my attention last week. I think it's the string section jamming out. And I just plain like Coldplay. Good stuff.

next trip: Charlotte, NC. College football season is here, and the Hokies are opening up against the ECU Pirates at Panther Stadium. (In all fairness to my Spiders, they open up against Elon University, trying to hold onto their Top 10 spot in the FCS Division rankings. Go Spiders!).

how i’m feeling about this week: Pretty excited. Even if nothing exciting happens during the next few days, the anticipation of college football season starting up is enough to push me through the week.

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