passing the baton.

Something I've noticed in my 16 months of church work is a general disinterest amongst the Boomers & Beyond of passing on the baton to the younger generations within the church. There are solid people coming through our doors who would flourish if only they were given some responsibility and a place of value within this church. One new member last year was asked to be on the Baptism Committee this year. I am making a huge assumption, but my guess is that they chose him because he was baptized last year. They probably also felt a need to "fill a hole" on that committee. Nevermind the fact that he would make a great member of our Properties Committee based on his work experience. Enough ranting...

The reason I posted this is because I ran across an article by Earl Creps, "Passing the Leadership Baton In Our Churches." He digs into Paul and Timothy in describing a biblical way to train up and empower new leaders in the church.

The best idea I've heard recently for training up new leaders: we have experienced adults on our committees and young people who are more than capable of serving as well. If we pair some of them up, the young people will gain invaluable experience and the adults will be assured of the church being in good hands for generations to come!


Mark C Tubbs said...

Hi Aaron. Just a note that if you want to visit a church full of Boomers that could not care MORE about passing the baton, check out KingsWay Community Church there in Richmond (a Sovereign Grace church).

One more thing:

Committees *shudder*



aaron said...


Thanks for your comment! I agree, Committees are something to shudder at. We are slowly, but surely, moving away from the archaic system of committees and moving towards a team-based ministry, and I'm excited to watch the growth process as it happens. The church is 134 years old this year, but is slowly entering the 21st century. It's a cool process to see.

I'm familiar with KingsWay -- real familiar, in fact! Two of my roommates last year at UR were attending there. One is at the Pastor's College in DC for this year, the other moved to Thailand.