A friend of mine told two stories at lunch today. First...

Last year at a big 4-day youth worship experience in our community, he noticed one of his youth texting during worship. He asked her what she was doing figuring she was just goofing around. She said back to him, "I'm inviting somebody." My friend was thinking "he better show up, or I'll show her!"

About ten minutes later a guy walks in, sits down behind the girl and leans back, seemingly counting the ceiling tiles. My friend asked the girl what the deal was with this guy. She said, "He's my best friend's boyfriend, and we can't stand each other." My friend said, "Then why'd you invite him?" She said, "Cause he needs to hear about God too." Later that night this guy decided he needed to follow God with his life. His life changed in one night cause a girl he didn't like, who didn't like him, got him to come.

Story 2:

The same friend was worshiping in a big city arena a few years ago when two girls and their boyfriends walked in and sat down behind him. The girls worshipped while their boyfriends sat behind them, cussing, obviously hating being there. By the end of the night, they were worshipping too.

Why is it that we feel like an "outreach" or "evangelism" event has to be fun and entertaining? If we're connecting with God through worship, people outside the church will see that, and hopefully understand that. Or at the very least they'll ask questions about why we do what we do. Why can't we put as much energy into worship experiences and connecting with God as we put into the "fun" stuff?

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