getting started...again.

Welcome to my newest venture into cyberspace. I've tried to start blogging before, but it never went very far. Exciting days are ahead though... Exciting days in youth ministry, exciting times at our church, and good times with old friends. With a lot of travel and the holiday seasons right around the corner, I figured this time there would be plenty to talk about.

Up this weekend -- Virginia Beach for our denominations annual meeting. They say these meetings are just for the old folk, or are boring and irrelevant. I've never been, so we'll see. If nothing else, the hotel is right on the oceanfront and it's gonna be sunny with a high of 75.

After Thanksgiving I'm heading down to Charlotte for the National Youth Worker's Convention. Four days of no school, no church -- just me, a couple thousand other youth workers and (hopefully) a rockin' good time.

Thanks for coming along on the ride, we'll see you again soon.

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