Somebody else linked to this yesterday, and I was amused and interested. How could downloading my own personal web browser of choice be like getting into college? This Firefox thing is a piece of cake compared to what I had to do to get into college, much less graduate:

Why downloading Firefox is like getting into college

A quick glimpse at just about any profession shows you that the vast majority of people who succeed professionally also went to college.

This could be because college teaches you a lot.

Or it could be because the kind of person that puts the effort into getting into and completing college is also the kind of person who succeeds at other things.

Firefox is similar.

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Macs come with Safari, and PCs come with Internet Explorer. Seth is saying that it takes effort and persistence to make Firefox your browser of choice, so only the most dedicated of computer users would make it happen.

Seth says only the most dedicated students will achieve the prerequisites to go to college, apply to college and finish college are the same kind of people who would download Firefox. Interesting.

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