TOP 5 OF: 2007

With a couple weeks gone by, it's a good time to reflect on last year. After [read #1], it would be easy for everything to revolve around that. But I'll try to incorporate more of the year than just that.

5.] Unofficial "Sabbatical"

Finish one job. Wait a month until the next starts. Read a lot of books. Go to [see #3]. Family vacation in Emerald Isle. Get [see #1]. See where they film One Tree Hill (if you're wondering, I am not a fan. Yet. I'm sure someone will be working hard to change that in the next year!). I'd say that month-long break was a great experience, and well worth it!

4.] Spiders vs. VT: January 3

Jacob and I ventured out to Tech for a big basketball game against an ACC school. The trip was well worth the effort, even if the Spiders lost...without it, [#1] would never have happened.

3.] Myrtle Beach, SC/Greenville, NC

After finishing up work on Wednesday, I left for a beach/mission trip with a friend's church on Friday for a week to lead worship. It was a nice, relaxing trip, good food, good times. Then after a long trip back to Greenville, NC with that group, I went back to Myrtle Beach with Kim's family for a few more days on the beach.

2.] Loose Change Benefit Concert

We worked with the youth at the church to pull off a benefit concert to raise money for Loose Change to Loosen Chains. The event raised over $2,000 (I think? I can't really remember now...) and had some great music.

1.] Emerald Isle
I told her I needed new tires. She thought I had an itch. The "tires" was the ring, and the "itch" was pulling it out of my pocket. We have just over 5 months til the wedding now (and Kim could tell you to the day!), and the anticipation grows every day. That was another great, relaxing week at the beach with my family and we got to un-officially welcome her in as part of the family. I guess the official part comes in July.

I kind of went back and forth on what should be #1, but in the end it was the engagement. Actually, it was the #2-5 that were so hard. I could have included my first trip to Blacksburg for Hokie football. Cameron's choir singing the National Anthem at Oriole Park. Or the trek to Clemson to watch the Hokies beat up on Daniel's Tigers. 2007 was a good year.

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