from Marko:

The rules of the game:

- the person has to either be a) dead, or b) alive, but no way you’ll ever have a chance to have dinner with them.

- real people only. no fictional characters.

- it’s not 6 individual dinners. it’s a dinner party with 6 people (plus you). think of the mix.

- assume no language barriers. in other words, it doesn’t matter if they speak or spoke another language than you and your other guests. you have magic instant translation technology.

- jesus doesn’t count. it’s a dinner party. therefore, 2 or more are gathered. therefore, jesus is already there.

So here goes:

1. Bono
Sure it's cliche, but think about all the great conversations he would have with...
2. Robert Mugabe
...about why Mugabe does what he does in his country (he's President of Zimbabwe). Maybe I'll mediate, or maybe I'll just let Bono do the dirty work, and joining the conversation would be...
3. Zach Hunter
Great kid who has put in a lot of time and effort to spreading his word about modern-day injustices. I don't think every kid needs to do what Zach did on that scale, but they can all fight for something -- good, that is!
4. Mother Teresa
Who wouldn't want to share a meal with her?
5. Josiah
Ever since that musical in 4th grade, I liked the guy.
6. St. Jerome
Just finished a paper on him. Talk about a spiritual guy, he spent five years in the desert. With people who hated him. With very little food.

That was kind of fun. Who would be at your "Never Gonna Happen" dinner? It's hard to choose for a list of "idols" when you don't really have any. But it's fun to think. My list would probably change next week. And the week after...

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