coming soon...

Wow, time flies. All of a sudden we're halfway through March and I haven't written anything since early February. Writer's block, the intensity of school, an incredibly busy schedule and a lack of really anything to write about [and no pictures to post on the Picture of the Week blog...]. I'm up to the 6th of 8 straight weekends jam-packed with school, church, work. Hopefully that's about to change.

Next week is Spring Break, and a long drive down to Port Sulphur with a combined group from church and seminary. I'm excited to see how things have changed in the 3 months since Christmas.

This spring is the beginning of my online discussions for class on the upcoming Preaching and Worship Conference, featuring Tony Campolo. Our readings surround issues of social justice, and I'm excited about those discussions. Hopefully I'll have something to share here too.

Well, it should be an exciting spring. I'm looking forward to warmer weather, more free time and hopefully new, invigorating things going on at church.

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