i asked one of my friends a question, the friend i always ask about deep spiritual questions, and he wrote me back. he said...

"college was filled with what my friends here call Sunshine Christians...the community needs people who are passionate about the church, Christ and commitment on a deeper level than some heaven story kids hear when they’re young."

i don’t know why this resonated with me. i’ve been hanging out with so many people who just got saved 3 or 4 years ago, and immediately the pendulum of their life swung from one extreme to another -- from sinning as an unbeliever to sinning as a judgmental hypocrite. all they do is judge other people around them who don’t live up to their standards, when if they just looked in the mirror they would realize they don’t live up to their own standards. nobody does, nobody ever will. oh, except for that Jesus guy.

My friend also said that his classmate “always talks about Jesus. which is great because not many people, even 'fundies', just talk about Jesus.' this guy told my friend that he missed the creek behind his house beacuse that’s ”where he talks to Jesus."

i think most of us need to find that creek in our life and get to know Jesus. all we know is a book of words which won’t mean anything without knowing Jesus. if we really know Jesus, then the love will pour out of our lives.

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